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Management of sites large and small involves a wide range of people, who need access to information and need to be kept up to date with changes.

Flow360 is as much about operational management as it is about strategic planning. It includes flexible staff and employee management to help you keep track of allocation, costs and availability and is fully scalable to include all your staff and employees.

Where required, you can also identify internal and charge-out costs, maintain time sheets, allocate employees to teams and more.
  1. Manage user accounts & privileges - Set up user accounts and allocate staff to resource locations for controlled access to site locations and speedy entry of Helpdesk issues.


Assign key management personnel and determine responsibilities. Easily switch roles when required to cover staffing changes or absences.
  2. Organise internal workforce - Set up unlimited internal teams and allocate team leads and members. Use the team setup options to specify the working practices for each team and team member.

    Auto-assign incoming issues to teams based on team remits.

  3. Monitor workloads and performance - Use the KPIs and reports options to monitor and report on workloads, ensuring that resources are used effectively. Track performance against targets for both internal and external workforce and service providers.

  4. Streamline key employee data - Set up employee contracts with salary and on-costs in order to track internal organisation and charge-out costs. 

    Maintain time sheets of activity and related costs.

  5. Training & Qualifications - Set up and assign internal training courses, complete with relevant documents and manage workforce competencies.

    Set up employee roles and allocate recommended training and qualifications. Allocate roles to employees and see their training programme automatically populated with the recommended courses.

    Manually add existing qualifications complete with awarding body, grades achieved and expiry dates where applicable.


Set alerts for training, qualification, supervision and appraisal dates. Traffic light warnings provide quick visual check of status of all training and qualifications.

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