Asset Management

Flow360 is a powerful online tool for storing and accessing all key data associated with your organisation’s assets including their identification and maintenance requirements.

Storing asset data in this way ensures that key information (including detailed history) is readily retrievable on demand.

Planned maintenance for assets can also be scheduled more efficiently by looking at anniversary dates for similar items.
  1. Asset recording and documentation handling - Flow360 is a single resource for holding and maintaining all information related to assets, their condition, location, history and maintenance requirements. 

    Drill down or jump directly to access multi-site, single-site or individual room, plant or object records. Linked document storage at each level enables maps, drawings, specifications, manuals, photographs and individual item schematics to be attached to any object, allowing a more detailed overview of that asset, especially useful for more complex assets which may require 3rd party maintenance.

  2. Planned Maintenance - Flow360 allows you to create and manage maintenance schedules to assist with budget management, life-cycle planning and resource and work-flow scheduling.

    The combination of effective fault reporting and scheduled tasks ensure that assets continue to perform to their maximum capacity in a cost-effective manner thus helping to save time and money.
  3. Reactive Maintenance - Where unforeseen events do occur, Flow360 can notify relevant stakeholders, identify and communicate with chosen suppliers and monitor and inform on work-in-progress. The entire process from notification through to resolution is fully and automatically recorded, ensuring that the history is reviewable and auditable.

    Users may also attach documentation to works orders which supports key Health and Safety compliance and ensures maintenance teams reach sites suitably briefed and equipped to undertake tasks. This again leads to a more efficient use of time and resources.

  4. Asset Tracking - From fences to fire extinguishers, Flow360 allows you to add unlimited custom data, including unique IDs, serial numbers and codes to any object from site level down to components of individual items.

    At the click of a button objects can be selected as the target for fault reporting or planned maintenance and detailed reports and histories are available on-the-fly.

  5. Resource booking - Staff in your organisation need to know if a resource is available, or when it can be booked.

 With Flow360 any resource can be made bookable, from a single data projector to a room or even an entire site and repeating bookings can easily be accommodated.

    Clashes are automatically identified and can be prevented. Multiple bookings options can be set up for each resource or area, each one covering dates and times when available and the booking rate that may apply.

  6. Resource usage statistics - Any bookable resource can have usage statistics generated in chart form for any date range.

 Statistics can be both individual and collective allowing the usage statistics for an individual room or object to be generated just as easily as the collective usage statistics for an entire site, helping to ensure that resources are being used effectively.

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