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Using inspection forms with standard tasks

Creating a new standard task with linked form

  • Start on the standard tasks tab list, either on the site record or on the client home record.
  • Click the 'Add user defined task' button

Create task

Complete the form with the relevant details:

  • task code: enter the relevant code for this task (all defined tasks must have a code - you are advised to devise an appropriate coding strategy)
  • summary: a string to allow you easily identify the task
  • description: any other details required, including standard method where appropriate
  • units: for inspections this is usually 'nr' but you can choose another unit of measure if required (i.e. m2)
  • form required: If you wish to use a form with this standard task, select the relevant form from the list (optional)
  • category: set an appropriate work type category for this task (optional)
  • time required: enter an estimate of time required to execute the task in normal circumstances (optional)
  • costs: add relevant costs if known

Click Confirm when done.

What happens next?

  • A user defined composite task will be created, with a single component element and added to your user defined tasks library
  • The task will be added as a standard task either at site or at client level, depending on where you started this process
  • The relevant form (if specified) will be linked to the standard task

New standard task added to list

The new user defined task is added as a standard task.
Click the Goto button to the left of this row to view the standard task record

The standard task record

If the standard task has a linked form, the form will be displayed on the form tab. At this point the labels on the form can be customised - simply change the text as required.


  • In most cases for customised forms the labels should be worded to allow for Yes/No results to be recorded.
  • Not all forms have customisable labels
  • Customisable forms can be further customised to suit a specific location/object once they have been added as a scheduled task for the location/object

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