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Building safety inspections (fire and water)

How to add and complete building safety inspections

Adding a building safety inspection

Flow360 has built-in building inspection forms for fire and water safety inspections. There is combined that covers both fire and water safety and there are also separate forms for fire and water safety inspections.

To add an inspection using one of these forms start by navigating to the relevant resource record. In this example we want to add a fire safety inspection for the Art and Drama Block. Now do the following...

  1. Select the Inspections tab
  2. Click the Add Inspection button

Confirm inspection selection

In the selection dialog select the form required.
Click OK to continue.

The Inspection Record

A new inspection will be created, linked to the Art and Drama Block in this case and you will be taken to the inew inspection record. The inspection form itself is accessible on the • form • tab.

You can expand the form to fill the screen by clicking the zoom button (1).

The Inspection Form Expanded

Expanding the form allows you access more of the form without scrolling, especially useful on a tablet. To collapse the form back into the tab, click the zoom button (1).

Completing the form

To complete the form during the inspection, click the Yes / No answers in response to the question on the left.

  1. If you click the green tick the answer Yes is entered and highlighted green
  2. If you click the red cross the answer No is entered and highlighted red
  3. Any No answer will automatically set the alert flag indicating that there was an issue identified in this inspection (these flags are also visible in the inspections lists and tab lists)
  4. You can add any comments (for any answer) in the relevant comments field

Clearing the Red Alert

If you want to clear the red alert, because the issues have been fixed, you can do so by clicking the alert checkbox.

Confirm action

Click Yes to proceed.

Note that an orange alert will remain on this inspection to indicate that issues were found, even if the red alert has been cleared.

Add notes

You must add some notes to confirm why the status is being changed. Click Confirm when done.

Inspection record with orange alert

The red alert has now been removed but the orange alert will stay to confirm that issues were found during the inspection.

Event log

All changes to the staus are automatically logged as events linked to the inspection in order to retain the history and audit trail.