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The tender enquiry process


The tender enquiry process involves selecting a set of scheduled tasks, sending them out to one or more service providers for pricing, receiving the tendered rates back and optionally storing them as approved rates in Flow360.

The e-tendering process within Flow360 closely mirrors a paper based tendering process and is an effective and more efficient way to mange this process.

The steps in the tender enquiry process

1) Manager creates new tender enquiry

Follow the instruction in the section Creating tender enquiries, works enquiries and orders to create and send out the tender enquiries.

2) Service provider receives and responds to tender enquiry

Follow the instructions in the section Responding to a tender enquiry.

3) Manager receives the returned tender prices and optionally stores them in Flow360

Follow the instructions in the section Storing new tendered rates.
Also look at the sections on rates for more information on how rates are stored and used in Flow360.