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Verifying and selecting tasks for inclusion in a new enquiry or order

Adding tasks to a new enquiry or order

Minimum required information

In order to include a task in a new enquiry or order the task information must be complete up to a certain point.

Information checked includes:

• is the task already active? - active tasks cannot be selected for a new enquiry or order

• are there action locks on the resource? - if so the task cannot be selected

• are there warnings attached to the resource? - the task can still be selected but you will be informed that warnings attach

• is the site address information complete? - minimum site information must be complete

• has the unit of measure been specified? - quantity can be empty but unit of measure should be specified

• has the task passed its end date? - the task cannot be selected if it's end date has passed

• are managers and surveyors assigned? - responses are sent to managers and surveyors

• is the client licence valid? - clients must have valid licences for tasks to be included in new enquiries or orders

Most of the above information is automatically maintained or entered when the task is first created - the list of checks is to ensure that no task can be issued without all required information. This ensures that service providers have the information they require to respond in a timely fashion and also that the communication between service providers, managers and surveyors can happen seamlessly.

The tasks selection list

When you click the button to start a new enquiry or order the list of tasks for selection will include only those tasks from your current list that are ready for inclusion in a new enquiry - basically this means that any tasks that are currently active will be excluded from the list automatically regardless of whether they were listed before you clicked the new enquiry button or not.

Click the target button next to the task to add the task to the current selection. Selected tasks will be listed in the Current selection list at the bottom of the screen provided they are verified as ready for execution. (When you click the target button a check is performed to make sure that the selected task has all the necessary information attached to it to include it in a new enquiry - the colour indicator to the right of the row indicates the task readiness status)

Verifying a single task

The above verification checks are performed when you click the target button to select a task. If the task fails verification in any way you will be informed with a dialog as above.

Verifying a set of records

To verify all records before selection, click the verify all button

Confirm action

This dialog will confirm what is about to happen - click OK to proceed.

Verification report

ALl the listed tasks will be verified and you will see a verification report. Tasks that cannot be verified as ready for inclusion will be removed from the list.

Selecting all tasks at once

Before you can select all tasks in the list you must perform the verification step above - the Target All button will not be visible until you have done this!

To add all listed (and now verified) tasks to the Current selection list for inclusion in a new enquiry or order, click the Target All button.

Tasks selection report

All the listed tasks will be added to the Current selection list and you will see a selection report.

The Current selection list

Selected tasks are added to the Current selection list and a total cost of the selected tasks shows in the total field at the top of the list.

Confirm Order/Enquiry creation

With the relevant tasks selected, now click the Confirm button to continue the process.

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