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Confirming and storing tendered rates

Check messages

The message indicator will tell you if there are messages waiting for your attention when you log on. Click the messages button to view the list of messages.

The received messages list

By default only unread messages are displayed in the list when you first view it. You can use the filters to change the criteria in order to view other messages. Click on the Goto button (1) to the left of the relevant row to view the message card.

The message card

This message informs you that you have received a response to a tender enquiry (1). The link to the enquiry is at the bottom (2). Click the Goto button by the link to view the tender enquiry itself.

The tender enquiry card

The various items contained in the tender enquiry for pricing are listed on the first tab 'items' (1) . You can view each item in more detail by clicking the Goto button on the relevant line in the items list (2).

Cost comparison indicator

The cost comparison indicator column gives a quick visual feedback, comparing the original cost that was included in the tender when it was sent to the proposed cost returned by the service provider. A green down arrow indicates a lower proposed cost, a red up arrow indicates a higher proposed cost and a double blue arrow indicates no change.

Click the Goto button to view the relevant works item card in more detail.

The costs tab

The costs tab will have both the original enquiry rate (1) and the returned proposed rate from the service provider (2). The manager can use the target buttons (3) to confirm which rate is the final agreed rate to be stored.

Confirm agreed rate

Click the appropriate target button to confirm which is the final agreed rate.

NOTE: It is not necessary to go through every item and confirm the rate manually in this way. It is only necessary to do this for those items where the manager needs to indicate manually which rate is to be stored. For most tender responses this is NOT required as the returned tendered rates are stored as they are without further adjustment.

Confirmation of original, proposed and final agreed rates

Click Confirm to store rates

Once any manual adjustments (if any) have been made, click the Confirm button to confirm receipt of the tendered rates and optionally store the returned rates.

NOTE: If you only want to store only some of the rates and not others, omit those not to be stored (either by using the omit button on the relevant row or by filtering the records) before clicking the Confirm button in the next step.

Confirm action choice

You can choose to store the tendered rates from the service provider in Flow360 for future use against scheduled works. To do this click Store.
Alternatively you can choose to cimply confirm receipt of the tendered rates and documents by clicking the Confirm button.

Confirm receipt

If you choose to confirm receipt of the tendered rates without storing the rates in Flow360, a message is simply returned to the service provider confirming your receipt of the tendered rates and documents, and this tender process is now complete.

Store rates - confirm level

If you choose the Store option you now need to confirm at what level the tendered rates will be stores. Tendered rates can be stored and linked at the client level, the individual site level or even at the individual resource level where very specific rates have been returned that relate to particular individual instances of a task. Click the appropriate button to proceed.

NOTE: Usually it is sufficient to store the rates at the client or site level.

Confirmation message

This simply confirms how many rates were finally stored.
If some rates were not stored for any reason, the dialog message will confimr what has occured.

NOTE: View the section on rates for more information on how rates are used and reviewed within Flow360.

Tender response confirmed

The status of the tender enquiry will go to confirmed and this tender process is now completed.