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The status message contents (all variants)

A typical status message

The status message can contain information on some or all of the following (depending on Flow360 variant and the status of the relevant records):

  • Tasks due
  • Tasks overdue
  • Works due
  • Works overdue
  • Helpdesk issues overdue
  • Qualifications due
  • Qualifications overdue
  • Qualifications due to expire
  • Supervisions / appraisals due
  • Supervision / appraisals overdue
  • Qualifications started but finished for more than 30 days

Each line is a link that you can click to take you to a list of just those records. For example, click the Tasks overdue: 43 line

List of overdue tasks

Clicking any line in the status message takes you to a list of the relevant records. You can then filter the list further or go to any of the individual tasks records as normal.

Being able to get quickly to a list of these records allows rapid access to reports for a set of records that are currently due or overdue for example.