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Team leaders and Providers - overview

Where a team leader role is useful

A team leader will have access to all helpdesk issues, works orders and enquiries issued to any team member. This can be useful in providing an oversight capability where others will be handling the day to day actions.

For example, Peter Smith is the assigned ICT Helpdesk manager on the King's College site and therefore receives all incoming ICT Helpdesk issues. As a manager Peter can assign these issues to other members of the ICT team or to external contractors. Jane Summers is the ICT Coordinator and needs to maintain an oversight of all ICT issues. If Jane is set up as the ICT Team leader with a 'Managers' user account, she will be able to see all ICT issues as they come in, even though she may not be the person directly in charge of the issues.

The assigned team leader can be changed at any time by a client admin user and therefore this oversight can be passed from one person to another as required.

Team leader vs Provider access

A user with a Providers user account can access all enquiries and orders issued to the Provider's employees. This works for both internally employed individuals and external suppliers and contractors, who are also Providers.

Example 1 (internal workforce)

  • John Jones is an employee of King's College, on the grounds maintenance team.
  • Bob Tranter is the assigned grounds maintenance team leader.
  • Both John and Bob are employed by King's College.
  • Anyone logging on with the King's College Providers user account can access all orders and enquiries that are issued to anyone employed by King's College. The Providers user is an admin role.
  • Bob, logging in as a manager, will see any helpdesk issues, works enquiries and orders issued to him personally or to any member of the grounds maintenance team. He will not see any orders issued to other employees of King's College

Example 2 (external provider / contractor)

  • Peter Sallis is an employee of Prime Maintenance, is on the General Maintenance team and has a Providers field user account.
  • Alison Masters runs Prime Maintenance and has a Providers user account.
  • Peter will only see orders and enquiries sent specifically to him, or to the General Maintenance team generally.
  • Alison will see all orders and enquiries sent to any employee of Prime Maintenance and, as an admin level user, can reassign orders to other employees of Prime Maintenance as required.
  • Julian is the team leader for the General maintenance team and can access all Helpdesk issues, orders and enquiries issued to any member of the team.