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Setting default cost centres

Setting default cost centres at client and individual site level


Default cost centres can be set at both the client and individual site levels. When new tasks are allocated to resources, the relevant default cost centre is used. If there is a default site level cost centre for the relevant site then that will be used - otherwise the client default cost centre will be used.

Client and site level default cost centres

Each client that has an interest in a site can set up default cost centres for each of their sites. This is done from the client preferences card.

To change the default client level cost centre click the change button (1). The cost centres list will automatically show a list of all sites that you have an interest in.

You can change the default cost centre for that site by clicking the change button on the row corresponding to the site. (2)

Select cost centre as default

Choose the cost centre from the drop down list

Confirm choice

Click OK to set the selected cost centre as the new default client or site cost centre.