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Setting up cost centres and accounts

How to set up a new cost center and budgets

Go to client home

You must be logged in as a client admin user to set up new cost centres and budgets!

Start by clicking the Home button on the start screen.

Confirm action

Click the Client button to go to the Client level home page.

NOTE: The personal button takes you to your personal contact care where you can access user level preferences etc

The client home

NOTE: these instruction apply in the same way for setting up new accounts - just start on the accounts tab instead!

To set up a new cost center click the cost centres tab to view your list of cost centres.

The cost centres tab

Any existing cost centres will be listed. To add a new cost centre click the New button.

Confirm new cost centre details

(1) The cost centre level can be either 'client' or 'site'. Client level cost centres can be used across any number of sites whilst site level cost centres are specific to an individual site.
(2) The cost centre name and code must be unique - if you enter a duplicate name or code you will see an error message at the top of the dialog window.
(3) Specify whether this is a cost or a profit centre.
(4) The status should normally be set to active but you can set up a new cost centre as inactive initially to prevent allocations of tasks and works to it until you are ready.

Finally click confirm to create the new centre.

New cost centre added to list

The new cost centre will be added to the list of cost centres. TO view the cost centre record and set up new budgets click the Goto button to the left of the appropriate row (1).

The cost centre card

To set up a new budget click the New button on the budgets tab

Confirm budget start year

If no budgets have yet been set up, then by default the current year will be entered as the start year for the new budget but you can change this if necessary - click OK to set up the budget.

NOTE: The actual start date for the financial year is set up in the client preferences and will apply to all cost centres and budgets

The budgets list

The new budget will be added to the budgets list for the cost centre. You can now enter the allocated budget for the year in the budget column (1)

Add another year

Each time you add another year, the next available year will be entered by default - this allows you to very quickly set up a sequence of budget years.