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Registering a new issue (simple start screen, step process)

Log on

If you haven't already logged in, use the school Flow360 link if you have one or simply enter this address into your browser: and log in

The start screen (simple)

Click the New Helpdesk button to start logging a new issue or service request.

Your New Helpdesk button may have different text e.g. 'New Issue' or 'New Request' - the button icon will always be as in the screen shot!

Confirm issue location

Start the process by confirming the location or object the issue /request relates to.
Click Next to continue

Confirm issue or request details

If there are no additional details to enter you only need to confirm the issue/request summary and click Confirm or & Logout button to finish.


  • Add extra detail in the details field if needed.
  • The worktype field will only show if your manager specifies it as an option!