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Registering a new issue with the New Helpdesk button (simple start screen)

Log on

If you haven't already logged in, simply enter this address into your browser: and log in

The start screen (simple)

Click the New Helpdesk button to start logging a new issue or service request.

Your New Helpdesk button may have different text e.g. 'New Issue' or 'New Request' - the button icon will always be as in the screen shot!

The Helpdesk issue card

For a simple issue such as a broken window latch you only have to:

  1. Confirm the location (1)
  2. Say what the issue is (2)
  3. Click the Confirm* or the Confirm & Logout button (3)
  • You can provide additional details and specify an urgency where appropriate but these are optional.
  • The Confirm and Confirm & Logout buttons will be greyed until you have entered the minimum required information - clicking the greyed button will trigger a message informing you where information is still required.
  • If you click the Confirm button you will be shown the Helpdesk issue card. If you click the Confirm & Logout button, the issue will be registered and you will be logged out from Flow360.