An overview of the manager's role in Flow360

Introduction to the Manager's Role


The manager's role within Flow360 includes these areas:

  • setting up standard tasks for sites
  • making decisions as to which maintenance tasks are initiated and when
  • initiating works enquiries and direct orders
  • setting priorities for maintenance tasks
  • responding to service providers responses to enquiries
  • confirming or canceling enquiries
  • scheduling maintenance tasks
  • setting up options for maintenance tasks
  • managing training of employees


The manager has relationships within Flow360 to:


  • when a client assigns a manager as the manager for their site/s

Service providers (including sub-contractors)

  • when service providers have rates stored in Flow360 that relates to work on sites
  • where the manager is the assigned manager
  • when service providers have remits based on the geographical region/s that they cover, the type of work they undertake, the cost range of work they undertake for a client on a site where the manager is the assigned manager

Helpdesk managers and operators

  • running helpdesk services for sites where the manager is the assigned manager


  • on sites where the manager is also an assigned manager

Occupiers and general users

  • when the manager schedules work in an area that the occupier or general user uses
  • when the manager has responsibilities for training of employees who are general users