An overview of occupancies (including tenancies) and resource bookings and options.

What is the difference between bookings, accommodation, lettings and events?

Acccommodations and lettings are longer term bookings and generally relate to entire buildings or zones within buildings (such as flats or floors).
Accommodations refers to lettings to internal staff and employees whlist lettings otherwise applies where the lessee is an external (non-employed) indivudla or agency.

Bookings are shorter term and generally relate to rooms, vehicles or resources within rooms.

Either can have payments attached to them but accommodations and lettings can also have more complex rent source payments attached to them, including the option for multiple payment sources per occupancy.

Events are bookings, typically with linked service requests such as catering, portering, IT support, grounds or housekeeping.

Rental / Booking options

Each resource can have booking options set up. These cover the days of the week and the hours during the day that the resource is bookable. Different times can be set up for different days of the week if required and a charge rate can be set for each booking option.

It is not possible to overlap booking options, so you cannot inadvertently set up charge rates and booking times that conflict.

You cannot nest booking options i.e. if a room is bookable then it is assumed that all objects within the room are booked along with the room - so it is not possible to set up booking options for resources contained within a room that is itself bookable. Similarly if an entire zone (floor, flat etc) has booking / rental options then individual rooms within the zone cannot also have separate booking options set up as these would conflict.

Conversely, if you set up booking options for resources within a room or area, you cannot also set up booking options for the room itself. So if you have resources that are kept in a store or resource room, each of the resources can have separate booking options set up but the room itself is not then bookable.

This ensures that anyone booking a particular room for example can be certain that no resources that should be in the room have been booked out to someone else!