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Bookings Preferences Setup

Setting the bookings manager

The bookings manager /s has/have control of how the bookings system works. Their preferences are the ones referenced when bookings are made.
The main bookings manager is identified on the personnel tab on the B column. You can also separately identify a vehicle ookings manager in the V column on the personnel tab.

Helpdesk Preferences - bookings service

If you add booking service and/or a vehicle booking service as an option in the manager preferences helpdesk issues tab, the relevant service/s will be options for all users on your site/s in the Helpdesk.

To limit booking services to the bookings manager only and prevent other users from logging booking requests do NOT include booking service in the Helpdesk issues list.

Helpdesk preferences - direct bookings and services

There are 3 additional settings on the Preferences Helpdesk form that affect how bookings can be made.

  1. create default picklist for new service requests - set to Yes to allow all users to select from the preset options for bookings related general and catering requests. Selections made here will be translated into separate service requests for each date and venue included in the booking.
  2. Set the allow direct bookings option to Yes if you want other users to be able to make bookings directly. Set to No in order for all bookings services requests to be forwarded to the bookings manager.
  3. The bookings requests create... option allows the bookings manager/s to specify whether an incoming bookings request (not a direct booking) simply collates the details of the request and all services into a single new Helpdesk service request for the relevant bookings manager or whether it creates all the linked service requests in full and then puts them all on hold until confirmed and authorsied by the bookings manager/team.