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Employee timesheets overview


Flow360 has the facility for time spent on activities to be logged as timesheets against an employee record. Timesheets can also be linked directly to the works order item that they relate to.

In order for costs to be calculated, an employee must have an employee contract record in Flow360, with details of salary or at least an hourly rate and charge-out rate entered. If this is not available then the client default hourly rate for works (set up in the client preferences) will be used instead.

Timesheets can be added as follows:

  1. Timesheet records can be added by an employee from their own employee contract record;
  2. Timesheet records that relate directly to works items and orders can also be added by an employee directly on the works item record;
  3. Managers can add timesheet records that relate to works items or orders on behalf of other employees directly on the works item record - this is useful where a contractor or in-house member of the maintenance team is not accessing Flow360 directly themselves but it is still required that timesheet records are recorded in order to allow costs to be accurately calculated.