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Closing a works order by email

To close a Flow360 works order where you have received a notification of the order (either to your personal email address or to a team email address), follow these steps ...

  1. Open the email containing a Flow360 works order notification
  2. Click Reply in your email client
  3. Type #close in the body of the email - no need to delete or add anything else
  4. Click Send
  • Flow360 will collect the email and check that you are allowed to close this order - if so, then the order will be closed and update notifications will be sent.
  • If the order is linked to a helpdesk issue, then the standard procedure for closing the helpdesk issue as well will be followed (based on the relevant manager's preferences for auto-closing linked helpdesk issues
  • If the action is successful, a reply will be sent confirming that the order has been closed successfully.
  • If you are not allowed to close the relevant order, then a reply will be sent explaining that the order could not be closed for that reason.
  • If the action fails for any other reason a reply will also be sent explaining why.