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Closing a Helpdesk issue by email

Reply with #close

You can close many "open" or "in progress" Helpdesk issues or requests by email following these steps:

  1. Open the email containing a Flow360 Helpdesk issue notification
  2. Click Reply in your email client
  3. Type #close in the body of the email - no need to delete or add anything else
  4. Click Send

You will get an email response confirming that the close was actioned or, if not, why it could not actioned.

Notes and caveats:

  • Email submissions must be enabled by the relevant manager (i.e. premises, grounds, IT etc)
  • The status of the issue must be currently "open" or "in progress"
  • The issue must not be on hold
  • There must be no linked works orders
  • There must be no linked documents that require a 'read' confirmation
  • There must be no charge notifications pending