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Automatic attachment of documents to orders

How to ensure that documents linked to works orders are also automatically emailed to service providers

What happens to documents linked to orders?

When you issue a new works order or enquiry, key documents are automatically attached if they are relevant to the part of the site affected by activities on the order. If the relevant service provider has a email set up in Flow360 then works orders are emailed to them in addition to being sent by internal Flow360 message.

Any documents linked are sent as email attachments as well as being linked to the message in Flow360. This ensures that the service provider always has easy access to key information:

  • through the docs tab on the works order itself
  • through the docs tab on the message about the order
  • as attachments to emails about the order

Ensuring that documents are emailed

To ensure that linked key documents are emailed you need to confirm the following:

  1. your service providers exist as contacts in Flow360
  2. they have set their preferences to also receive information by email (in addition to internal messages)
  3. they must have a valid email address entered in their contact record in Flow360

Once this is done, any and all orders and enquiries will automatically be emailed, complete with relevant attachments and you will retain a permanent record in Flow360 of what has happened!

A works order record

An example works order record showing 2 line items. The bullets and bold text on the docs tab indicates that there are attached documents with this order. Click the docs tab to show the list.

The works order docs tab

In this case a Word document (Asbestos Register.doc) has been automatically attached to the order.

The related message

The message confirms that the information about this order was both emailed and sent by SMS. All linked documents will have also been included on the email as attachments ensuring ease of access to key information.