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Sending a document to someone else

How to send a document by message link and email

The document record

Start on the document record card. To send the document to someone else, click the Send button

New message with document

  1. Start typing the name of the recipient in the contacts field - select the contact from the list
  2. Click the add to recipients button
  3. You can also select a group of contacts and then click the add group to recipients button
  4. All recipients will be listed in the to field
  5. Complete the subject
  6. Add your message

Finally click Confirm to send your message with the document attached.

The message record

If you go to your sent messages you will see the new message along with a link to the document you sent (on the docs tab)

Emailed message

The received message in email client on computer.

Emailed message (iPhone)

Of course this allows you to easily send documents that can be received and viewed on mobile devices!