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'Signed' documents

How to ensure that users confirm they have read an attached document

The document record

For important information it is useful to have a record that users in charge of Helpdesk issues or who are in receipt of works orders have read the document/s attached. To force users to confirm they have read important documents before issues or orders can be signed-off or actioned, check the 'signed' tickbox on the document record.

'Signed' document attached to a Helpdesk issue

Documents attached to works orders or to Helpdesk issues that require confirmation of being read will have an exclamation mark in the 'r' column. This changes to a green tick once the user has confirmed that the document has been read. It is not possible to Close or otherwise action a Helpdesk issue or works order if there are listed documents that have not been confirmed as read.

To confirm that a document has been read, click the exclamation mark on the relevant row in the docs list.

Confirming a document has been read

When you click the exclamation mark you will see this message. Click Yes to confirm that you have read and understood the document. When you do so a new event record will be created with the current date and time, automatically linked back to the document itself and to the helpdesk issue or works order that it relates to.

Document confirmed as 'read'

The green tick confirms that the document has been read.

NOTE: You can also click the green tick once again to remove the confirmation - this also creates an event record to that effect.

Warning if you attempt to close an issue with unconfirmed documents

If you try to close an issue or works order that still has unconfirmed documents you will see this message. Make sure that all documents with an exclamation mark in the 'r' column are confirmed as read and try again.