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Asbestos management inspections

How to add an asbestos inspection record

The inspections tab

To manually add a new asbestos inspection record, start by clicking the inspections tab on the record card for the relevant resource.
Click the New button on the inspections tab list.

Confirm choice of inspection

Select the inspection type from the drop down list and click OK to proceed.

The new asbestos inspection card

  1. Complete the inspection date
  2. Add the details of the inspection findings on the form tab
  3. The link to the resource is automatically entered
  4. Click the Confirm button when you have completed the form.

Confirm action

Confirm that you want to sign off the form as completed.

Once signed off the form is locked down to prevent further editing unless permission is granted to open the form up again (see section relating to preferences for more information). All sign-off and unlock actions are logged as events against the inspection itself so that subsequent changes can be tracked if necessary.

Signed-off asbestos inspection form

When confirmed and signed-off the form status will show as signed-off (1) and the form fields (2) will be read only. If you see the Edit button (3) then you have edit rights for this form and you can re-open it for further editing if necessary.

Remedial works

If it is necessary to schedule remedial works as a result of an inspection you can do this directly from the tasks tab on the inspection form itself. Follow the standard process for adding a new task (see section on adding tasks for details).

IMPORTANT NOTE: By adding the remedial tasks directly from the inspection record, the remedial works are linked not only to the resource they relate to but also to the inspection itself, thus providing a full history of events and actions.