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Adding new service requirements to an existing event

Edit the catering requirements for a bookings series

  • You can edit the service requirements for any or all of the linked services and you can add in new services where required.
  • You can do this for a single instance in a series or for all instances or for all dates beyond the current selected instance.

Start by clicking the edit details button to the right of the booking details on the details tab

Confirm edit option for a single instance or all

You can opt to change the requirement for a single instance in a a series or for the current instance plus all other future instances.
Click Single or All

Confirm add new services

Click Add to add new services for one or multiple instances

Select new service to add

Select the new service you wish to add and click Add

Confirm new service choices

Confirm the new service choices and click Confirm
The new service request will be notofied to the relevant manager or team and the details for the booking / event recodrd is updated accordingly.