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Manually linking qualification renewals

How to manually link a qualification to it's renewal (or vice versa)

Linking a qualification to it's renewal

Start on the qualification record that you wish to link to it's renewal. Click the 'renewed by' button which will be greyed if not currently linked.


  • If the qualification has already been linked to it's renewal the 'renewed by' button will be green and you will not be able to manually link the qualification.
  • If you have not yet added the renewal qualification, use the top Renew button instead - see lesson on renewing a qualification

Confirm action

Click Yes to continue.

Select renewal qualification

Select the renewal qualification from the drop down list and click Link.

NOTE: Only qualifications for the current employee will be listed and then only if the dates make sense and the qualification is not already linked.

  • For linking forward (from an old / expired / expiring qualification to a new qualification) the new qualification requires an entered due date or start date that is later than the current record's start date tin order to be eligible;
  • For linking backward (from a new qualification to an old qualification) the old qualification requires an award date that is earlier than the new qualification's start date in order to be eligible.

Qualification linked

The qualifications are now linked and the 'renewed by' button will turn green. Click this button to go to the renewal.

Renewal record linked back to original record

The renewal qualification record shows a green 'renewal of' button confirming that it has been linked to the original qualification. You can click this button to go back to the original, now renewed, qualification record.

Reverse the process!

You can also link a new qualification record to the qualification it is a renewal of by starting on the new record and clicking the greyed 'renewal of' button and following the same process to link the current record to the qualification record it renews.