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Changing multiple qualification records at once

How to edit dates etc on multiple qualifications records at once

The qualifications list

You can select multiple records on the qualifications list by clicking the row for the first record, then:

  1. EITHER holding down the SHIFT key and clicking on the last record (if you want to select a contiguous set of records)
  2. OR holding down the CMD key to randomly select multiple records (see above)

Click the edit multi button

Confirm action

You have these options:

  • Set due date
  • Set start date
  • Set fixed expiry date
  • Set relative (to award date) expiry date

Set relative (to award date) expiry date option

Confirm the validity term for the selected qualifications and click Selected to continue

Expiry dates updated (relative to award date)

The expiry dates for the selected records have all been set.