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Introduction and overview


The Flow360 Helpdesk facility has been designed to make the logging of queries and issues by service users easy.

Calls can be logged either by an operator entering them directly into the system or by a service user directly onto the system. The logging of a call by a service user then notifies either via email or sms text message the designated manager that an issue has been logged. The call can then be progressed with the appropriate action being taken. If it is merely a request for a plan, user manual or similar document this can be sent, or where appropriate, maintenance tasks created with accompanying timescales and priorities attached.

As the call progresses details of events that have occurred are updated and instantly visible to the service users. The on-line nature of Flow360 means progress can be checked and updated by anyone anywhere with the appropriate permissions. This visibility of data means that work schedules can be planned around maintenance tasks and everyone is kept informed about what is happening.

Who can access the helpdesk?

All users can log new helpdesk issues. Any user can view the list of helpdesk issues they have raised and see the current progress of the issue towards resolution including seeing whether works have been initiated and who is currently dealing with the issue.

Additional options are available to certain types of user only. For example only a manager or surveyor can initiate new works as a result of a helpdesk issue being raised.