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The filter status

Interpreting the filter status


The filter status button gives you a quick visual check regarding the set of records being viewed. It is always found at the top left of the list of records being viewed. It is also repeated on the filter panel itself to confirm when new criteria have been entered.

Viewing all records

When the filter status button looks like this, all available records are listed.

Filter criteria set but not actioned

When the filter button turns red like this, filter criteria have been set but the filter has not yet been actioned.

Viewing filtered records

When the filter button looks like this, a filtered set of records is listed.

Confirmation of filter criteria

Whenever you filter a set of records using the filter panel, a text field will confirm the filter criteria that have been applied to the list. In this case we are viewing a set of maintenance tasks for the King's College site, within a specified date range, including overdue tasks and with range costs included.

Auto applied filter criteria

When viewing a tab list, the set of records is automatically pre-filtered to show only those records that relate to the parent record currently being viewed - in this case we are looking at a list of sections that are on the King's College site.