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Supervisions and Appraisals

Scheduling and managing employee supervisions and appraisals (full variants only)


Supervisions and appraisals can be attached to employee roles (see lesson on employee roles) and can also be added manually. If linked to an employee role then the date that the next supervision or appraisal is due will be automatically calculated from the successful completion of the current one based on the frequency specified for the role.

Linking supervisions and appraisals to employee roles and then assigning the roles to employees will ensure that the due date is automatically assigned. Upcoming due dates are notified in the status message shown after login or by manually triggering the status message from the start screen status button.

Specifying frequency of supervisions and appraisals for a role

Start on the employee roles tab on either the provider or client preferences.
Click the appropriate Goto button to go to the role card.

Employee role card

On the role card, set the number of supervisions and appraisals required for the role using the drop down lists.