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Setting up an internal team including external service providers

Basic set up principles

  • If you are logged in as a Manager (only) you can add both internal employees and external service providers with remits to internal teams.
  • The normal team sharing setup settings will apply for all team members, internal and external.
  • It is possible to set up a team that has only a single (external) provider's name as both the team lead and the single team member.
  • You can assign team remits as usual and if the team is external only then Helpdesk issues for example can be simply targeted automatically to the external provider team in the normal way.

Set up an external provider team

From the teams tab, click the add team button and name the team, then click Confirm to continue.

The team record

On the team record, add the relevant names as team members in the normal way.
If you want to be sure to restrict access to issues and works that are directly targeted at this team only, it is highly recommended that the external provider is also named as the team lead as in this example.


  • As the team employer will still be the internal employer identified on the team record, client admin and manager users will still retain access to the team and it's settings as normal for internal teams.
  • The external provider can also add additional employees as team members but they will be limited to selecting from their own employees only.