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Resetting target date

The Helpdesk issue record

The target date is linked to the urgency setting.
This can be specified when an issue or request is logged.
It can subsequnetly be edited as required by the person dealing with an issue or a relevant manager - all changes to the urgency and target date are notified by default to all relevant personnel and are logged as events.

Reset target date

To set or reset the target date, click the edit button next to the urgency field.

Set the new target

Specify the new urgency, relative to the current date, the date the issue ir request was first logged of (if a works order has already been issued) the start date of the works.
Click Confirm to set the new target.

Target date updated

The new target date has been logged and rthe change of date recorded as an event (review the events tab).
Update notifications will have also been issued to relevant personnel (review the messages tab).