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Registering a new issue with the Helpdesk button

Adding a new helpdesk issue

The start screen (standard layout)

If you only have the main Helpdesk button visible on your start screen, to register a new Helpdesk issue or request

  • EITHER click the Helpdesk button to go to the Helpdesk issues list and then click the New button
  • OR hold down the ALT key on your keyboard and click the Helpdesk button


  • As always, the buttons on this screen will vary depending on your user type when you log in. What you see here is the default main screen as it appears for General users.
  • Your Helpdesk button may have different text e.g. 'My Issues' - the button icon will always be as in the screen shot!

The helpdesk list

If you clicked the button to go to the Helpdesk issues list first, you will see the list which will be empty if you have not logged any Helpdesk issues before. Click the New button to create a new Helpdesk issue.

The new helpdesk issue card

Your name will be automatically filled (1) along with your contact details if they available - if not, then you must complete them here (2). If you have any default user locations set up then the resource hierarchy will be pre-filled (3).

You can further refine the object that the issue relates to by using the drop down lists (4) to find the specific object. Once you select down to asset level or lower, any outstanding Helpdesk issues that relate to that object will automatically be listed in the helpdesk issues list (9). Please scan this list before completing a new request to ensure that you are not duplicating an issue that has already been logged!

Select the type of issue from the type drop down (5) and enter a summary and (optionally) other details (6).

You can select the specific worktype (or trade) that this issue relates if appropriate (7). (NOTE: depending on the setup on your site this can also automatically target the relevant manager, team or individual in the manager/target field.)

If this option is visible, you can optionally set a target for resolution or completion (8), if this is visible.

NOTE: The helpdesk manager will be able to reset the target if necessary but this option allows you to specify what you feel the urgency of the matter is!

Finally, click the Confirm or the Confirm & Logout button to register the new issue. If you click Confirm & Logout the issue will be logged and messages sent and you will be logged out of Flow360.

Service requests

When registering a new service request (i.e. ICT, cleaning, catering, grounds etc) you may be presented with a pick list of options to include in your request. These will show on a new tab (1) that is displayed when you select a service option from the 'type' drop down menu (2). On this list you can indicate which options are required (3) and if necessary you can set the quantity of each (4).

Typically service requests also require different date options such as start and end dates (5).

When you Confirm the new request the requested items will be added as separate items, so that the person fulfilling the request has your detailed list of requirements.


  • The Confirm and Confirm & Logout buttons will be greyed until you have entered the minimum required information - clicking the greyed button will trigger a message informing you where information is still required.

Suppressing feedback on an issue

Sometimes it is not desirable to send feedback messages / emails to the caller (or receive feedback on an issue yourself) when issues are updated etc. You can suppress all feedback to the caller (this will be yourself if you are logging the issue in your name) when you are registering a new issue by clicking the no feedback tickbox on the new issue form.

The helpdesk event card

The new helpdesk issue has been created - along with issue details, you can see here

  1. the current status of the issue
  2. the urgency
  3. the person in charge and.or the team assigned to the issue
  4. the priority

If you now need to add another issue you can use the New Helpdesk Issue button (5) on this form to start entering another issue.

NOTE: If logged in as a manager or someone else with higher level access you may also see details such as the assigned cost centre and account codes etc

New helpdesk issue added to the list

When you return to the helpdesk list you will see the new issue has been added. By now the relevant helpdesk manager will also have received messages informing them that a new issue has been logged.