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Owners (admin and staff)

An overview of the role of the Owner in Flow360

Introduction to the Owner's Role


  • All sites in Flow360 have an owner. Users can be assigned Owner admin or Owner staff accounts with admin users generally having greater access and capabilities than staff users.
  • When a new site is entered, the owner has to be identified. Owners can enter new sites for themselves or can allow (through preference settings) certain other user types to enter sites on their behalf.
  • The owner has access to outline information about their sites and the activities that affect their sites. However, control of activities on sites is generally controlled by the site managers, with most financial control handled by the client admin users.


The owner's role within Flow360 includes these areas:

  • setting up new sites;
  • setting up new sections on sites where there is no site-level client;
  • assigning a single site-level client or multiple section-level clients where no site-level client exists.

The owner has relationships within Flow360 to:


  • when an owner assigns a client as a client for a site that they own    
  • when an owner assigns a client as a client for a section on a site that they own

Occupiers / Users...

  • when an occupier uses part of a site that they own    

Service Providers / Contractors...

  • providing services on a site that they own