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Notifying personnel about resource changes

Team resource management notifications

If you need to notify one or more people about any changes to resources (such as new additions, resource deletions, status changes, changes of location etc) you can set up a team (for one or more people) and give the team resource management options and notification options.

To do this:

  1. Set up the team or go to the team records for the team you wish to target
  2. On the team Setup tab set the enable resource control option to either global or asset tags (depedning on whether the team needs to be able to manage all resources for the site/s they assigned to or only those resources with specific custom data tags)
  3. Set the send change notifications option to Yes
  4. Set the notify option to either team only or all team members (depednign on whether you want the notifications to go simply to the team email address or to each team member individually)