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Employees overview

Who can be an employer in Flow360?

Only the following user types can be employers in Flow360:

  1. Owner admin
  2. Client admin
  3. Providers

When are employer and employee credentials set up?

All Owner admin, Client admin and Provider user types are automatically established as employers, in the first instance with a single employee - themselves!

Each of these user types can select other contacts as employees and add them to their employee list, complete with employment contract details. These details will be used where appropriate for calculating both in-house and charge out costs in relation to activities undertaken in Flow360.

In addition, Provider (admin) users can set up employee teams and assign works items to individuals or teams as required.

Employee teams

Providers, as recipients of works orders through Flow360 can additionally be allocated to different teams. This allows works items or entire works orders to be allocated to a team - provided an item on the order has not be assigned to an individual, any member of the team could carry out the required work.

Provider (admin) users can set up employee teams and add employees to them from their Provider home page.

Internal teams (i.e. in-house grounds or maintenance or ICT teams) can be set up by Client admin, Managers and (internal) Providers user types.

Teams will each have a designated team lead or primary contact who has the capability to manage the team settings and add or remove team members.