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Email Replies to Flow360 Notifications or Communications

How replies sent to are handled

Replies to initial notifications from Flow360

If you click the Reply button in your email client to any notification or communication from Flow360 that includes a unique object code (i.e. H-ID:12345 or W-ID:12345 etc) in the subject line, your reply will be automatically pre-addressed to Replies sent in this way will be picked up by Flow360, imported as a new message, linked to the relevant issue / order / object and then forwarded on to the relevant recipient by internal Flow360 message and by email as normal.

Any attachments that you send with the reply will be imported as documents and linked to the relevant object in Flow360 automatically.

IMPORTANT: When replying to notifications or other communications sent by Flow360 do not change the address from or alter any of the codes in the subject line or your message will not be processed! The subject line codes will look something like this: "(H-ID:13567-C647967-T3625714)" and should not be altered in any way!

Replies to replies

Replies to replies will be dealt with in the same way, thus maintaining in Flow360 the full chain of communication whether this is through internal Flow360 messages or emails triggered in an email client.

Attachments on replies

Attachments sent with replies to Flow360 notifications or communications will be picked up by Flow360, imported and added as documents linked to the relevant issue / order / object. Attachments are also forwarded with the original message to the recipient.