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Editing issue summary / details

The helpdesk issue card

You can change the summary and/or details for a helpdesk issue if you need to add or change the information entered prior to issuing a works order.

To do this, click the edit button to the right of the summary or details field.

Confirm change

Edit the text and click Confirm to save your changes.


  • Only the person in charge of an issue or the primary helpdesk manager can make these changes
  • You can only make changes up to the point where a works order is issued
  • All changes are logged as events

Changes logged as an event

In order to preserve the original details entered by the person who logged the issue, all changes to summary or details text are logged as events, noting the original and the changed text. View the events tab and click the GoTo button on the relevant change event to view the full details of the change.

Change of details event card

The change of details event card details the changes made.