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Duplicating, replacing and moving resources

How to duplicate an object to a new location

The source object record

Start by navigating to the object you want to duplicate. Then click the Duplicate button.

Duplicate in place, replace or move

You can choose to duplicate the object in the same location as the original or duplicate and move to create a duplicate object in a different location.

You can alos choose to simply replace an object - in this caase the original object will be retired and the duplicate will be marked as its replacement. The 2 objects will be linked so you track a series of replacements where required.

Click Yes to duplicate in the same location
Click Move to duplicate to a new location

Duplicate and move - select destination

When you duplicate and move an object you must select the destination for the duplicate. Use the drop down menus to select the new location.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The destination must be at the same resource level as the source. So if you are duplicating an object in a room (say a printer) then your destination must be another room!

Incorrect destination selected

If you attempt to duplicate an object to a location that is not at the same level as the source object you will see this error message!

Confirm duplication choices

Choose here how much additional information you want to be duplicated along with the object itself - note that one option here is to duplicate linked documents only.

Click 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on your requirements.

Click Cancel to stop the duplication.

Confirm the name of the duplicate

If you are duplicating to a new location you can use any name. If you are duplicating to the same location as the source object, the name cannot be the same as the name of the source object.

Confirm the name and click OK

The new duplicated resource (object)

The printer in this example has been duplicated in the new location, complete with the custom data.