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Defining your own standard tasks (2)

How to add your own (user defined) standard tasks by adding a task and then saving it as a standard task.

The tasks list

To start adding your own standard task to start as if you were simply adding a task to the schedule in the normal way. You can then add it to your standard tasks list.

To start, on the relevant tasks tab list click the Add task button.

The task selection screen

On the task selection screen, use the orange area to define a new user task.

Enter the task code, summary and description along with the category, unit of measure and costs.

You will also need to fill in a nominal due date (1), priority (2), repeat interval (or click the onetime tickbox (3)) and enter a nominal estimate of time required (4)

Click Confirm when you are done.

Adding the task as a standard task

Finally, to add the task to your standard tasks list, locate the task in the tasks list and click the S button on the relevant row.

Confirm client or site standard task

Click the Client button to add the task as a Client level standard task or the Site button to add the task as a site level standard task.

The standard tasks list

Return to the Standard Tasks tab on the site record to see the task has been added as a standard task for the site.