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Creating a Helpdesk issue from an Incident Report

Create linked Helpdesk issue

If you need to create a Helpdesk issue as a result of an Incident report, click the New Helpdesk Issue button on the incident report record.

Helpdesk issue from Incident Report

A new Helpdesk issue form has been created and linked to the Incident report.
Complete the form as appropriate for the action required and click Confirm button (or the Confirm & Logout button) to log the issue.

Note: the issue will be auto-linked to the incident report and can therefore be assigned any relevant issue type such as 'premises' or 'electrical' etc in the normal way.

Linked Helpdesk Issue

Incident report with Helpdesk Issue link

On the incident report record the helpdesk issue created box will be ticked and the link to the new Helpdesk issue is live.