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Adding works, helpdesk issue or project timesheets

To add timesheets to a works order item, a Helpdesk issue or project for example, follow the steps in this lesson


Timesheets relating to a works order can be added either by the employee doing the work or the manager who issued the order. Similarly timesheets for a Helpdesk issue can be added by a manager or person dealing with the issue.

Works order record

Start on the relevant works order record. Timesheets are added to an individual works order line item - this allows timesheets to be accurately attached to the individual item that they relate to. In this example the order has only a single line item.

On the order record itself the time sheets tab will list all time sheets relating to all items on the order. To ad a new time sheet, first drill down to the relevant line item by clicking the goto button on the appropriate line (1)

The works item record

On the works item record, click the timesheets tab

The timesheets tab

On the time sheets tab click the Add button to create a new timesheet

New time sheet entry form

If logged in as a manager and entering a time sheet on behalf of an employee you will need to select the employee from the list (1), confirm the employer name (2), activity type and code, then enter the start date / time and either the number of hours and minutes spent or the end date / time. Finally enter brief details on how this time was spent in the details box.

Click Confirm to add the time sheet record to the works item.

If you are logged on as a provider (i.e. contractor or member of the in-house maintenance team), then your name and employer details will be pre-filled. You only need to confirm the activity and code, the time spent and add brief details.

New time sheet added to the works item card

Each new time sheet entry will be added to the list on the time sheets tab on the relevant works order item

Adding more

There is no limit to the number of timesheet records that can be added to any order item. Different employees working on the same order can each log their own time or the issuing manager can log the time sheets on their behalf

Time sheet totals on the costs tab

When you look at the costs tab on a works order item, the total costs relating to time sheets is shown as the time sheet client costs.

NOTE: It is possible for the costs of works items to be calculated on the basis of entered time sheet, materials and overheads costs instead of using an agreed rate. This will happen automatically where no agreed rate is entered but time sheets costs are available.

Timesheet totals on the main works record

The timesheets tab on the main works record will displahy all timesheets recorded for all works order line items, along with total hours and costs at the bottom of thelist.