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Add a meter reading

Meter readings are one of a number of different 'inspections' that can be attached to objects in Flow360.

These include asbestos inspections, meter readings (manual and automated), water testing, stock and condition checks and so on.

Some of these can be added manually whilst others such as automated meter readings are submitted on-line by remote sensors or monitors.

NOTE: You should not attempt to mix automated and manual meter readings for the same meter!

Add a manual meter reading

Meter readings are attached to the actual meter they relate to, which should be entered as a resource in the correct location - i.e. as an object at the 'item' level in the appropriate room location or 'area'.

To add a manual meter reading (or to enter a meter reading supplied to you by a utility company, click the New button at the top of the inspections tab list.

Choose inspection type

Select the appropriate inspection type from the drop down list - in this case a meter reading. Click OK to continue.

The meter reading card

  1. Enter the inspection / reading date
  2. Enter the actual reading
  3. The usage since last will be automatically calculated when you update the reading.
  4. If you want to sign-off and lock the reading form click the Confirm button

Confirm action

Click Yes to sign-off and lock the form. This will be logged as an event in the events list.

Signed-off inspection form

When an inspection form has been signed off its status will show 'signed-off' with a blue background. The confirm button will not be visible - the edit button will only be visible if you have editing rights for this inspection.