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Actioning a works order

Starting a new order - setting start dates and updating progress on works items

Check messages

If you have any new messages the front screen will inform you. Click the messages button to view your received messages list.

The received messages list

By default only unread messages are displayed in reverse date order so the newest messages will be listed first. Click the goto button (1) to see the full details of a message.

The message card

This message informs you that you have received a new order (1). The link to the order is at the bottom (2). The body of the message gives outline detail of the line items on the new order.

Click the Goto button (2) by the link to view the order itself.

The works order card

The type field (1) confirms that this is an order. The from field (2) indicates who sent it. The status (3) is currently 'confirmed' indicating that the order has been confirmed but work has not yet started.

The various items contained in the order are listed on the first tab 'items' (4). You can view each item in more detail by clicking the Goto button on the relevant line in the items list (5).

The order item card - update start date or progress

To set start date or update progress for an individual works item, click the status tab.

Set the start date by using the date picker to set a new start date (1).
Update the completion percentage by clicking the change button next to the percent completed field (2).

NOTE: It is also possible to set the start date and update progress for multiple items at once by using the Confirm button on the parent order record to update all currently listed items. You can filter the list of items first, then set the start date or progress for all at once.

Invalid start date

If you enter a start date in the future you will see this dialog!

Start date updated!

When you set the start date (1) the status is automatically updated if necessary as well (2). The status is now showing as 'in progress' meaning work has started.

NOTE: The parent works order is also automatically updated as required. This ensures that anyone who has access to this works order can immediately see what the current state of the order is.

Update percentage

When you click the change button next to the completion percentage field you will see this dialog where you enter the updated completion percentage. Click OK to confirm.

Percentage update - inspection & sign-off request

When you update the percentage for one or more items you may see this dialog - if you want to request inspection and sign-off from the surveyor, click Yes. The surveyor will be sent a message requesting attendance on site to inspect and sign-off the works.

If inspection and sign-off is not required at this stage, click No.

Update multiple items at once

To update multiple items at once, use the Confirm button on the main works record instead of drilling down to an individual item's progress tab.

Use the works items filters (1) first if necessary to filter the list of items to a specific set (e.g. all items of a particular work type). Then click the Confirm button.

Full completion or progress update?

If you wish to indicate completion of the entire order, click the Full button.
If you wish simply to set start dates or update progress on one or more items, click the Update button instead.

Set completion date

If you chose the full completion option above, then you now need to confirm the completion date, which will default to the current date and time. The start will automatically be entered provided a start date has already been registered for one or more items. Otherwise the start date entered here will be the current date - you may need to change this before clicking the Confirm button.

Request inspection and sign-off

If you are the service provider and you do not have self sign-off capability then you will see this dialogue to confirm whether you require inspection and sign-off now - usually the response is Yes!

Update all items or the current set?

If you chose the Update option above, then you can now choose to update all items (even if the list is filtered) or just the currently visible set. Select All to update all items or Set to only update the current listed set of items. You will then see either the date entry dialog or the progress update dialog as appropriate.

Works items updated

Now we can see 2 items in progress (status in column is IP for 'in progress' and colour flash is mid green) and 1 item completed (status in column is F for 'finished / completed' and colour flash is dark green). Start dates have been entered and all items have completion percentages entered. The request for inspection and sign-off has been logged and is confirmed with ticks in the 'i' column next to the completion percentage column.

NOTE: As with all updates, the web based nature of Flow360 means everyone sees the updated information as soon as it is entered. Messages and event logs are triggered and sent automatically when required.