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The employee record

The employee record

The employee record has tabs listing details that relate to this employee. The tabs are:

  • contracts: list of all employment contracts
  • timesheets: list of all timesheets
  • qualifications / training: list of all qualifications and training records
  • supervisions: list of all supervisions
  • appraisals: list of all appraisals
  • events: list of related events
  • docs: list of documents linked to employee
  • courses -: list of available courses/training NOT currently on the employee's history or schedule

On any of the lists, click the left Goto button to go to the detail record for the relevant item.

NOTE: You access the employee record by clicking the Goto button on an employees list - you can find an employee record quickly by entering part of the employee name (or reference number, email address or telephone number) in the text entry field under the main Employees button on the start screen.