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Registering an historical issue

How to add a backdated or historical issue for the purposes of building a complete historical record

Register new Helpdesk Issue

To record an historical issue, start a new issue in the usual way, identifying the location and issue etc. Change the raised on date as appropriate to show the date when the issue was first raised (1).

Now click the Confirm & Close button

Only managers are able to alter the raised on date when logging a new issue. General and other users cannot adjust this value.
Only managers will see the confirm & close button on this form.

Add closure notes

In the dialog that pops up, confirm the date that the issue was closed and add any required notes.
Click the Confirm button to finish.

Issue card - logged and closed

You will be taken to the completed and closed issue card for confirmation.
If you need to add another issue, simply click the +Helpdesk button.

NOTE: all historical issues raised and closed in this manner can still have the dates adjusted manually if necessary