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What do I do if Flow360 or my browser appears to be frozen / unresponsive?

Sometimes it can appear that Flow360 has become unresponsive in your browser - this is what to do

Option 1 - Refresh

If Flow360 has become unresponsive, the first thing to try is a simple refresh or reload of your current browser window. Just click the refresh button to see if the page reloads and restores functionality - in many cases this will be enough.

Option 2 - Relaunch

If option 1 does not work, then simply quit your browser and relaunch. In many cases you will be taken right back to where you left off. If not, then log on again as normal.

Will you lose any work?

No - as Flow360 is web based, all actions are taking place on our server. Therefore anything you have done in the session before you experienced trouble with your browser has already been saved.