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Signing-off a works order

The works order

The status of the order is showing as 'completed' (1). In the list of items it is possible to see only one item where sign-off has been requested - indicated by a tick in the column after the completion percentage (2). All other items are showing as already signed-off. It is likely that there was a problem with this one item on the last sign-off which required remedial attention before final sign-off was possible!

Click the Goto button (3) on the relevant line to view the item details.

Update sign-off percentage

Click the change button next to the confirmed percent field (1) to update the percentage signed-off.

Enter sign-off percentage

Enter the new sign-off percentage and click OK.

Item updated

  1. The item's status is now showing as 'signed-off'.
  2. The confirmed percent field and the date of update have been entered.
  3. The sign-off date has been entered.

Amounts due updated

As all items are now signed-off, the parent works order status has now also been changed to signed-off (1).

Back on the parent works order record you will find a new entry on the 'amounts due' tab (2) showing the amount due for the latest sign-off.