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Recalculating usage statistics (meter readings)


The usage from one meter reading to the next is automatically calculated as each reading is added and there is usually no need for you to reset these manually.

However you can force a recalculation of the usage statistics manually if you notice an anomaly in the totals. Usually this only occurs if meter readings have been entered manually out of a sequence i.e. an earlier reading has been inserted when a later reading already exists. To force a manual recalculation, you must first be on the relevant resource record for the meter or probe in question. Then follow the steps below.

Go to the relevant resource

In this example we are on the record card for the Electricity meter and we want to reset the usage statistics and update the total kWhrs.

Filter the records to show the recalculate button

The listed records must be filtered to show only records of the same type, and the records must be for a pulse type meter (automatic or manually entered meter readings for electricity, gas and water meters are automatically set to 'pulse' type). Set the filters to show records for the current level only (1) and select the data or probe type (2) and the reading (or inspection) type (3). Click the filter button (4) to filter the records. The recalculate button (5) will then show. Click this button to force a recalculation of the usage statistics.

Confirm choice

If the listed records are not all of the meter readings for the current meter or probe, you should choose to recalculate Set (1). This will not change the usage for the earliest record in the set, thus maintaining consistency with any earlier records that exist but are not currently listed. This allows you to update usage statistics for a recent subset of records only without having to recalculate all the records which could take some time if there are many of them (>1000).

If you want to recalculate all the listed records, assuming that the first record is the earliest meter reading and therefore the baseline for this set of readings, click All (2) instead.