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Manually changing the status

Whenever the status is changed, the person who logged the issue is informed of the change. Manually setting the status to 'in progress' is a quick way to inform others that the issue is being looked at.

The Helpdesk issue card

To change the status manually of a Helpdesk issue, click the Edit button by the status field.

Select the appropriate status

In this case, the issue has been manually set to 'in progress'. Other options include Closed or On Hold for a variety a reasons.

The notes field in this case has been automatically set. You can add any other notes you want.

Click Confirm to update the status of the issue.

Issue status updated

The status of the issue has been updated - the person who logged the issue will be sent a message and (optionally) an email to confirm the change.
The change of status will also be logged as an event for the issue on the events tab.