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General (admin and normal)

An overview of the general user's role in Flow360

Introduction to the General User's Role


The general user's role within Flow360 includes these areas:

  • accessing training materials
  • reviewing own training schedule
  • logging new helpdesk issues relating to areas the general user uses*
  • accessing information about areas the general user is linked with*
  • reviewing the status of issues they have logged*
  • re-opening closed issues where the problem reoccurs*


The general user has relationships within Flow360 to:

Client admin / staff
- of sites the general user is registered on

- when a manager manages the maintenance and /or bookings in an area the general user uses

- when the surveyor has sign-off responsibilities for work undertaken in an area that the general user uses

Service providers
- when a service provider undertakes work in an area that the general user uses

Other general users (including helpdesk users)
- when they are registered general users on sites the general user is registered on

NOTE: * Logging of helpdesk issues and service requests only applies to versions of Flow360 used for Facilities management